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Jamie is one of Omaha's best realtors. A trustworthy, kind and likeable real estate agent, you can trust one of your most important transactions in life to Jamie. As an interior designer, Jamie has specific expertise to help you prepare your home for sale and see the potential in any home purchase.


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Omaha, NE 68118

Have a Question or a Market Report?

One of my favorite tools for clients is to create reports that are regularly sent to help them in the home buying or selling process.

Buyers: I send two reports.

  • Property Alert: We create a report with the criteria for the home you'd like to purchase. As soon as a similar home hits the market we get an alert so we can see the home as soon as possible. This is particularly important for homes under $300,000. We are regularly seeing those home get multiple offers on the first day they hit the market. (Sometimes 10+!!!!)
  • Market Overview: Again setting the criteria of the home profile you're looking for, we send a regular (usually weekly) report of homes that are for sale or recently sold. This gives you overall context to the market, giving you the best information possible to compare when a new property that interests you hits the market.

Sellers: Let's look at your comps!

  • Whether you are ready to list your home or are just ruminating over the idea, setting up a market report of properties that are close comparables to your home is a great tool. By getting a regular report, you can get a feel for the overall market, observing the competition. You might feel more confident to price your property higher or have the information you need to lower your price to ensure you home sells more quickly when necessary.

Whether you are selling, buying or both, ready to do something now or later, please contact me and let's start doing the work to ensure you can optimize your experience!

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